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DeFocus Studios is a dynamic advertising agency work on video production, Explainer videos, Corporate Videos. DeFocus Studio defines designs and delivers technology-enabled business solutions that help diversified companies win in their business. DeFocus Studio takes pride in building strategic long-term client relationships. We achieve real business results that allow you to transform and not just maintain your operations. You will experience your requirements being met on time, within budget and with high quality; greater efficiency and responsiveness to your business; and the ability to shift investment to strategic initiatives rather than tactical functions. We enable companies achieve their business goals and transformation objectives.

At DeFocus Studio, we believe in working out recognition patterns to blend in. We make our video communicate. We create ideas that strengthen the relationships between brands and the people who matter most to them. At Defocus Studio, we work together with our clients. Here you’ll be dealing with few people – the ones involved in the actual design process – and nothing gets lost in translation. We believe that strategy is the key. Quality of idea and execution is something we refuse to compromise on. We have a wide network of partners and specialists to consult with, depending on the job at hand.

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